It’s easy to get swept up in the process when planning your wedding. After all, what girl doesn’t want to bring their dream wedding to reality? That said, one look at your budget and you can be faced with the reality that you just can’t have it all. Springfield House, the premier provider of quality buffet catering in Sydney, recommends splurging on important elements to help you make the most of your special day.


While hiring a professional photographer may seem unnecessary in today’s digital age, doing so can help you capture special moments. Your guests will likely be too involved in the ceremony to take great photos, but a professional photographer focuses on delivering high-quality portraits. This is also an excellent way to get good shots of your guests, venue and dress. Your wedding album is something you can cherish until you are old and grey so splurging on a great photographer should be a priority. You don’t have to overspend filet mignon or lobster at your wedding to impress your guests. Serving simple yet refined dishes are enough to have them rave about your menu. You can also make some changes in the ingredients of your dishes. For instance, rather than serving chicken, you can choose a less expected option like fish which packs excellent flavor and protein. If planning the menu isn’t something you prefer doing hands-on, you can always work with a professional. Springfield House offers a variety of wedding packages depending on your needs and budget. Each package comes with the option to choose from our extensive menu selection or to meet with our Event Manager to discuss a suitable menu for your special day. Each buffet catering, package includes a selection of wines, beer, soft drinks, and water served continuously during your service. The venue is the biggest part of your wedding, so finding a good location is crucial. Ballrooms and mansions are common choices for their class and elegance, but can eat into your budget. And that’s not accounting for the costs of the decorations and tables and chairs that you need. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a garden wedding. Even with minimal decorations, you can create a dreamy and romantic setting for your ceremony. Our wedding function centre at Springfield House boasts lush greenery and blooming flora for a stunning celebration. Additionally, our wedding packages come complete with tables, chairs and other necessary items you may need during your ceremony and reception.


Flowers are a must-have at every wedding. However, because of their high demand, even simple arrangements can cost you way too much. If you’re wary about spending a large amount on flowers, why not skip it all together? With a garden wedding, you won’t have to spend extra on flower arrangements but still get to enjoy their beauty. Another element you can save up on is the desserts. Aside from the wedding cake, some couples prefer to add specialty desserts to their menu. While a dessert table can be fun for your wedding, and will certainly be appreciated by the kids, most of your guests won’t be giving it much attention. This is because they are too busy dancing or socialising to even enjoy your desserts. Rather than spend on additional desserts, you can spend that money on your wedding cake or on other elements of the wedding. When it comes to stellar locations, quality service and delectable buffet catering in Sydney, Springfield House is one of the best. Visit us to view our wedding packages today.