If you think that after the proposal, the wedding would be what you need to plan next, you’re wrong. Engagement parties are a way to celebrate the love that you and your partner have while surrounded by your dearest friends and family without the formalities of a wedding. For some, this is also the chance to break the big news to a wider circle outside of the family. Engagement parties, however, are far from a standard affair, they can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Springfield House discusses what elements to focus on to ensure that your engagement party shines as much as your wedding:

The Venue

Venues for engagement parties can vary depending on the size and formality of your party. If you prefer to have only close friends and family with you, an intimate setting at your parents’ home would be a lovely low-key option. On the other hand, a private dining room at a restaurant is perfect for something more formal. If you and your partner are planning on inviting your social circles, consider hosting a cocktail party instead. This will allow them to join you at their leisure at your favourite bar. You can reserve a few tables or even rent out the entire space depending on the number of guests you’ve invited.

The Decor

After you’ve decided on your venue, you should plan the decor to go with the general vibe of the place. Regardless of your theme, the purpose of your engagement party is to celebrate so choose elements and decorations that will help enhance the vibe. Candlelight and small floral arrangements can set a romantic ambience while balloons and party favours are suited for a more relaxed atmosphere.

That said, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to decorate the entire space from floor to ceiling. If you plan on hosting at a restaurant or a space that has already been decorated, you can choose to add your personal touch or just embrace the existing ambience.

The Invitations

Your party’s theme should also be evident in the invitations! After all, these set the tone for what’s to come for your guests, giving them a clue on what to wear and what to bring with them. When hosting a formal sit-down dinner, you would need to source invites accordingly. Meanwhile, for a beachside party, a nautical or whimsical invite is more fitting.

Aside from stating the general details about the party such as the location, time and date, be sure to mention the dress code. While the design of your invitation can be a hint, it’s best to clearly state the dress code so that your guests would not have a hard time.
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