Productive and motivated employees are key to the success of your business. Studies have shown that employees with high morale turn out to be more productive, have a better attitude towards work and deliver better quality service, resulting in a better and more efficient workflow in your organisation. While it may seem difficult to keep employee morale high, there are actually a lot of things you can do help boost morale, and one of them is by holding corporate events. Springfield House believes that outdoor corporate event venues in Sydney:

Provide a Relaxed Setting

Meetings and corporate events in formal venues don’t give your team time to breathe. They’re already stuck in an office five days a week and the last thing they need is an event where they would need to dress to the nines and socialise in a strict event. Offer them a much needed break from the four walls at work and consider holding your event at outdoor conferencing facilities in Dural.

Your employees would likely be delighted to attend as they can recharge themselves and breathe fresh air during the event. When people aren’t constrained by the formal trappings of the workspace, they feel more free. This makes them more willing to share their ideas and collaborate with the team. Outdoor venues help people relax not only their minds but also their bodies. Plus, you won’t have to spend as much on outdoor venues as there are ample lighting and ventilation.

Foster Teamwork

Holding your corporate event outdoors allows you to plan activity-based events. These help foster team spirit and teach your employees that working together can make the work easier. Indulging in physical activities helps your team release pent-up stress. And, it gives you the chance to see how they behave outside the office, giving you better insight into how you can further improve their working environment.

Improve Productivity

It’s no surprise that employees feel more motivated to work when they aren’t being intimidated or pressured. And while you may not be doing so consciously, the mere fact that your positions at work are vastly different could be giving them incredible pressure at work. Organising an outdoor event allows you to meet with them on a personal level. This makes it a great opportunity to ask them about any doubts they may have or ideas that they are simply too scared to share. The best ideas can come from employees who have no fear of being rejected. Being in a relaxed and casual environment gives them the full capacity to express their ideas, regardless of what the feedback may be.

Springfield House can provide you with the perfect venue for your event. We have over 5 acres of bushlands and landscaped gardens for you and your team to enjoy. For corporate functions in Dural, we also have a formal function centre that you can use. You won’t have to worry about food, as we have several packages that suit various budgets. Enquire today or get in touch with our team for a consultation.