Who doesn’t love flowers being sprinkled just about everywhere? Choosing one’s wedding flowers is often one of the hardest decisions for a bride to make when starting to plan and theme their day. It’s the finer details in a wedding that can make the day so special and set the perfect atmosphere. It’s important that your wedding is both beautiful and meaningful, so we have put together a list of flowers that can brighten and compliment your wedding day!

Purple Lilacs

Purple Lilacs symbolise new love and romance, this is why it would be a perfect choice for a wedding as the ceremony is a symbol of a new beginning and the start of a lifetime of love, as well as being a bright pop of colour.

Red Rose

Who isn’t obsessed with a bunch of gorgeous red roses? The red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and known around the world as the most romantic flower. The colour oozes passion and romance and with that, it  only makes sense to include red roses in your wedding details. 

So, do you want to visually share with everyone how much you and your partner are in love? And of course, do you want to have your princess Belle moment? Then the red rose is the perfect choice!


Wanting a way to express something that feels perfectly right and a love that is so deep? Tulip’s are representative of just that! They are all about showing someone unconditional love, and depending on the colour you can show passion, good wishes and eternal love. Effortlessly dainty, tulips are a sweet choice for your romantic day (and if you’re lucky, you might see some flowering on the grounds of Springfield House!).

Pink Camellias

Pink Camellias are a symbol of longing, as  you wait with anticipation and excitement for your special day to finally be here. This flower is a perfect representation of the countdown leading to your wedding. Dusty pink is always the perfect choice that will not overpower the rest of your theming.


The primrose represents eternal love and the idea of not being able to live without your partner, making them an ideal choice! (need we say more?). Now, other than it being a pretty flower, they symbolise the overall meaning of a wedding. So having a few primroses around during your day can be a special way to make your day even more meaningful. 


Sunflowers are a bright and vibrant flower that represents longevity, adoration, and pure love. Therefore, these tall beauty’s are a statement piece for your wedding day and everyone will feel bright and chirpy. It’s important to have the symbol of longevity at one’s wedding as your special day is all about being with someone for the rest of your life. 

And what’s even better? Sunflower’s are always chasing the sun, which means you might just be lucky to draw in the best weather for your wedding day!

Who would have thought so much meaning could stem from a single flower? In the end, no matter which flower you choose, they will all add a touch of magic to every wedding! Your guests might not be aware of every detail, but it’s something you will cherish for a lifetime, because walking into your own magical fairy land of flowers is simply, dreamy.

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