For many religious people, baptising your child is a major milestone in the life of the baby and family. Nothing calls for a celebration more than officially welcoming your loved one into faith. Springfield House has hosted thousands of events over its years, with many of them being sacraments and cultural celebrations of all kinds. One thing we have learnt from this, is considering an exclusive event space with plenty of outdoor space for entertainment and alternate set-up options. We tell you how you can throw a Christening celebration like no other! 


Considering the celebration revolves around an infant, it seems fair that the event caters to their age bracket. Choosing to have age-appropriate entertainment is a must! Consider enquiring with your event coordinator about the possibility of children entertainment such as clowns, fairies, ballerina’s, superheroes and more! With many entertainment groups offering characters for events, you can ensure the children have a memorable time. Activities such as face-painting, outdoor games such as jumping castles, crafts and more will allow the youngins to be looked after, as the adults are able to relax and enjoy the event from their end.  


The one way to ensure you throw a Christening like no other, let alone any event, is through the cuisine served. One memorable factor of events comes down to the quality of the meals at the venue. Don’t settle for less when booking your Christening function, and ensure the venue you are enquiring with serves high-quality food, matched with award-winning service. Look to create a menu that will cater not only for the adults, but mostly for the needs and wants of the younger crowd. Even consider a menu tasting prior to the event and experience your chosen dining experience prior to the celebration. 


Make that WOW statement with your event styling. Over the years, Christenings and other religious celebrations have made a stunning impact on social media due to the luxe styling of these events. Ensure your guests are not only entertained and fed, but also within an environment that best sets the tone for your Christening. Whether it be luxe, boho or fun, speak with your event coordinator about how to best showcase the theming throughout the event space. Springfield House boasts white and bright interiors, matched with manicured landscapes to create the perfect blank canvas. Consider venues that allow you to create your dream theme to come to life!

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