Choosing the theme of your wedding is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make when planning. While there are a wide variety of themes to choose from, garden weddings have a certain appeal to them that isn’t offered by any other motif. The setting, the details, and the vibe of gardens are incredibly whimsical and romantic, making them a great choice for weddings. Additionally, its versatility and wide variety, from glamorous to rustic, make a garden wedding function perfect for couples of different styles and tastes. If you are planning to hold a garden wedding, but are still unsure of the general theme that you want, Springfield House recommends these three excellent options:

Traditional White
You can never go wrong with a traditional white garden wedding. The stark sophistication of white creates a striking contrast with the lush greenery of your venue. You also won’t have a hard time with decorations, as this is a timeless wedding theme that never fails to enchant and delight guests. A traditional white wedding is perfect for Springfield House’s coveted wedding venue. Our wedding packages offer you exclusive access to our manicured gardens and classy function venue. These also come with complimentary use of our tiffany chairs, table centerpieces, and white table linen. To add to the effect, consider tying big white bows to the chairs and displaying white lanterns and large white pillar candles around the venue.

Traditional White Garden Wedding | Springfield House


Bridal Boho

Another popular garden wedding theme to try is boho. Since a boho-inspired theme draws inspiration from various cultures, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of styles for your wedding decor. Instead of using flowers to adorn the wedding aisle, you can choose bales of hay draped with lace for a warmer and cozier look. You can also build a bridal arch from thin tree branches tied together with hessian to complement the foliage in your venue. With a boho theme, you also have a bit more options when it comes to your wedding dress. Instead of a traditional gown and veil, you can choose a fresh flower crown and an ethereal lacy dress.

Bridal Boho Wedding Venue | Springfield House


Vintage Classic

When planning a vintage classic wedding, think of the Great Gatsby. Art-deco inspired decorations, flapper dresser, and a soundtrack straight from the 20’s. These weddings are often loud, dazzling, and lots of fun. For your color palette, consider a classic black, white, and gold theme. You can also invite your guests to play a few rounds of croquet, a game that was incredibly popular during that era. End the day with cocktails and pleasantries out in the garden.

Vintage Classic Wedding Venue | Springfield House


Regardless of the theme you choose, a garden wedding is the perfect venue for your special day. When choosing wedding venues in Sydney, consider Springfield House. We have over 5 acres of landscaped gardens and bushland for your ceremony and a private function for your reception. Our wedding packages also come complete with buffet options and Contact us today to schedule a visit or book a consultation today.