Whilst this discussion does not favour one over the other, there are pros and cons of both a destination wedding vs a city wedding. Springfield House, being a destination venue in Sydney, does however have the best of both worlds. Hence we are here to share with you the reasons for either a destination wedding venue, or a city/hometown wedding venue. 


What is more beautiful than a wedding in a country or beach setting? An escape to a romantic destination at which you and your loved one are the centre of attention….far far away. Just like a fairytale in a magical land, transport your guests to an experience they’ve never witnessed for your special day. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to create an experience unlike any other, as well as it’s potential to keep costs down in certain areas of the wedding. However there are a few other things to consider with a possible destination wedding. These include transport, accommodation, overall pricing and coordination. Whilst a destination wedding can be a dream come to life, it is important to recognise that the organisation and logistics can present their own difficulties. Planning a wedding from a distance can prove stressful unless all the arrangements come together perfectly. An ideal meet-in-the-middle scenario would be a venue on the outskirts of town that gives off the feel of a destination venue, whilst being accommodating to those family/friends who live local to the city. Whether it be a venue on the water, or a space surrounded by farm and bushland, look to locations that are a reasonable travel distance from your city, but exude a destination feel. 


Already filled with an infectious energy and buzz, city weddings are perfect for the larger weddings. With no need to worry about travel distance between church and reception, accommodation and more, your family and friends will be as comfortable as ever celebrating your special day in the heart of their hometown. With a plethora of venue options in the city, you will be spoilt for choice for your big day. Your favourite suppliers also are often city-based. Whilst this may seem like a logistical dream for many, it does come at a price. City weddings, being so popular, could mean that your special day possibly falls on the same day as another. One common aspect of a city venue includes the multi-room option. This means that the venue can indeed host more than one event on the day. However, in saying that, this is not necessarily every venue and may not even pose a concern to you. 


What do you get when you combine the best of a destination and city wedding? An exclusive destination-feel event space only 25 mins from the heart of Sydney? Too good to be true? Surrounded by lush greenery on 5-acres of manicured landscaped gardens, Springfield House is deemed the perfect marriage of a destination wedding with the convenience of proximity to Sydney city itself. We are a one function venue, so the entire venue is exclusively yours for the duration of your wedding.  Head to our website now for more: www.springfieldhouse.com.au and enquire about our current Winter promotion.