Most people only wed once in their lives, making it one of the most special events in your lifetimes. From the photo shoot to the reception, every detail of the wedding is meticulously planned to ensure that everything runs smoothly and perfect on the day, this includes choosing a great reception venue. The reception is the final event of your wedding day, and it’s where a lot of things can easily go wrong. Springfield House recommends allocating a significant amount of time when looking at wedding reception venues in Sydney. After all, the right venue can help:


Maintain Your Wedding’s Theme

If you want your chosen theme to be evident in all the elements of your wedding, be sure to select and design your venue accordingly. During your visit, take note of all the colours present in the room. Then, select complimentary colours from your theme for the invitations, flowers, linens, and centrepieces. Doing so can pull your entire reception together. There are also several reception venues in Sydney that suit a specific wedding theme. For instance, Springfield House’s premier landscaped gardens are an excellent choice for garden or fairy tale weddings.


Liven Up the Occasion

While it’s highly unlikely for something to go wrong during your ceremony, in case something does happen, nailing the reception can help brighten up everyone’s moods. Which is why when designing your venue, we recommend paying attention to every little detail. Lighting, for instance, can help dress up the room and create your preferred ambience. Investing in dimmers to create a romantic setting during slower songs while additional bright lights on the dance floor can help you achieve the right vibe for a night of lively dancing.

Wedding Reception Ideas | Springfield House

Make the Day Unforgettable

A great reception starts and ends with happy guests. That said, this doesn’t mean you have to spend on lavishly on the event, it’s the thoughtful extra details that can make your wedding the best. Instead of holding a traditional receiving line, why not greet your guests at their tables instead? This spares them from waiting in a long line to be seated and you can chat with them when they have comfortably settled in. Consider adding bridal baskets containing mints, wipes, and dental floss in restrooms. We also recommend working with the venue to provide comfortable seating arrangements for your guests. Ensure that there are ample spaces between the tables and the guests so they can move around freely.

While the main focus of a wedding is the newlyweds, it pays to give extra consideration to your guests. Doing so can make the entire occasion a more enjoyable experience. When in need of quality wedding reception or function venues in Sydney, consider Springfield House. Our function centre comes complete with a private bridal room, stylish tiffany chairs, and centrepieces. Your guests can enjoy the night dancing to the dunes of our professional DJ on the large parquetry dance floor. Get in touch with our team or visit us today to learn more about our wedding packages.