Whilst 2020 has definitely presented some issues for the wedding industry so far, there is no doubt 2021 will present itself as a year of love and  celebration. 

Brides, it’s finally time to prepare for your big day…

Springfield House brings to you the Bridal Dress trends of 2021. 

Ethereal Bride

As if an angel floated down from the skies, consider this stunning airy look for your dress to allow for elegance and comfort. 

Timeless Bride

The style that will never age. The classic and timeless ‘less is more’ dress will make a comeback to prove beauty never dies. 

Effortless Bride

Considering most of 2020 for some would have been spent in tracksuit pants and sweaters, perhaps our brides will be opting for comfort and a more pared back look when it comes to their big day.

Boho Bride

A look that never ages, the boho bridal trend is one to stay for 2021. Where classic meets country, consider a stunning bohemian look whether it be in the dress or the accessories.

Well brides, 2021 is your year. If you wish to wed in the year of love, head to www.springfieldhouse.com.au to see how we can accommodate you and your loved ones for your special day.