With the current situation that we are all living in, it is inevitable that certain events booked for this first half of the year would have had to be cancelled or postponed. Most concern fell with weddings booked from February 2020 to a still uncertain August/September. It is with great success, we are happy to say that our couples have indeed been able to organise a new date, however this does not mean that you are unable to celebrate in some way on your original date. We have four perfect ways for you to still celebrate love on what would have been your wedding day.


Forget the flowers, dress, cameras, cars – at the end of the day the wedding is all about the couple. The ultimate celebration of ultimate love, your wedding day is about you and your special someone. So why not celebrate your original date together…alone! With not much to do during the current restrictions, we recommend spending the day together in your respective homes. Light candles, bake food together and watch rom-com favourites to make the day just as special. Play games and research ‘Couples Quizzes’ to grow even more together closer than you thought imagined you could be. 


This was going to be the day you were to wake up early, get ready and put on that stunning white dress or tailored suit. While this day will still come, why not experience the glam in your own home. We all must admit that our “At Home” fashion has consisted mostly of tracksuit pants and oversized jumpers, so why not dress to impress on what would have been your big day! As a couple, put on your best dress, your nicest suit, and pretty yourself up as you spend the day together.


The day of your original wedding date has come, you are feeling a bit sad to have had to postpone it to the end of the year. What could lift your spirits more than that of touching base with your loved ones? A ZOOM reception! Organise your closest loved ones who were invited to your special day, and plan an online reception via Zoom. Play some background tunes, pour yourselves drinks and enjoy quality online time with your family and friends throughout the evening. 


Whilst you and your partner spend the day together on what would have been your original wedding date, why not make use of the opportunity to practice your first dance together as husband and wife! Before this pandemic, work and social lives often got in the way when it came to focusing on the smaller things in life. Use this opportunity to have fun, play some of your favourite love songs, and dance the day away as you come up with the perfect bridal waltz for your new and even more special wedding date.