With Spring in full bloom, it is time to start considering your event options for the end of the year. Having been cooped up indoors for a large portion of 2020, it is the perfect time to celebrate…and why not do so outdoors! Situated on 5 acres, featuring manicured garden spaces, Springfield House has hosted hundreds of events that utilized our garden areas. Each a huge success, we can offer you 3 reasons exclusive garden venue to choose an outdoor venue for your next function. 


We can offer you a standout event, in your own exclusive garden venue in the fresh evening air, surrounded by nature. Enjoy the ambiance of our bushland outlook, whilst your guests bask in the sound of the birds in the background, and feel a sense of calm amongst nature. 


Being outdoors opens up many different possibilities. Whilst being indoors may limit the activities allowed, an outdoor venue will allow your events to have a whole other dimension. Consider garden games, food trucks, Brazilian BBQ, food stations, live cooking, and roaming musicians to give your celebration an enchanting and engaging aspect. Wow your guests with an event that distinguishes it from the ‘usual’ and ‘expected’ functions they attend. 


Outdoor venues allow you to create your dream set-ups. Let your style imagination go wild for your garden event, as you take cues from nature and the outdoors. From garden-themed that includes bright flowers and rattan charger plates, to an elegant soiree adorned with white gladiator chairs and crystal glassware, your outdoor function will definitely stun the guests with its fun and unique styling options, only highlighted more by being amongst nature. 

Do you have a family celebration or Christmas party coming up? Looking for the perfect outdoor venue? Book your site visit with Springfield House today and allow us to help you create your dream garden event.