It’s trending ladies and gents, and if you aren’t all over it, you just might miss out on some magical ideas for your special day!

It’s all about the details, the decor – from the detailed edits around the venue to the floral eye candy. But you ask, which details? Well, that’s entirely up to you, because as of 2018 the new trends are YOUR trends.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend your life savings away on all on the glitz and glam, because instead people are moving back to basics, focusing on making meaningful memories with all their loved ones.

If you need a little inspiration, we have collected a visual display of all the new trends to make your day magical, and of course, unique.

Venue Edits

It’s your showpiece, and you’ll fall in love the minute you drive onto the premises! You know that feeling you get when your stomach starts tingling, and your heart starts to skip a beat…well, that’s when you’ve found it, and that’s when you know this venue is going to be the perfect location to celebrate your most wonderful day. Choose a venue that will allow you to tailor your wedding with details and ideas that you have been forever dreaming about – from the delicate signage around the gardens, to the romantic getaway car – name it, and it’s yours!

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Flowers: The Cascading Effect

Let is flow my lovelies, let your garden and reception be filled with flowers cascading and extending as far as your heart desires. You can never have too much! It’s almost like creating your own magical garden – the garden of love, your enchanted fairytale, ready for you to share each twinkling and sparkling moment with your best friend.



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Wedding Dresses

The delicate lace is showing up more than ever, and we are loving it!! It’s so petite and elegant, making it almost impossible to not look breathtaking. But of course, when you know, you KNOW, and your heart will be jumping with joy once you find the dress that makes you feel like a princess.

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Bridesmaids Dresses

Think standout details with unexpected fabrications, from the elegant low back drops to the thin shoulder straps that will have your bridesmaids looking like absolute stunners.

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Groomsmen Attire

It’s hard for your partner not to look so handsome and charming, because after all, which man in a suit doesn’t make your heart throb and have butterflies tingling all deep inside…. More specifically, the slim fitting wedding suits and tuxedos are becoming the focus of modern grooms. Colour? That’s completely individual, from the classic black, to the dark navy, or the stylish grey, and with the more daring matching their brides in the chic white tux.

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So let the fun of wedding planning start, and the celebrations begin! If you are looking to get your dream wedding organised, contact our friendly staff to find out how you can create an exceptional garden ceremony and wedding reception that you and your guests will cherish.